The Canadian Secondary School Mathematics Association (henceforth abbreviated as CSSMA) is the first student-led Canada-wide mathematical organization. Founded in 2014, the CSSMA differs from the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) mainly in that the CSSMA’s audience includes all Canadian children, teenagers, and adults under or equal the age of twenty. The CSSMA is a non-profit organization.

The CSSMA is an initiative for the future – a future where mathematics will be a highly enjoyable subject by the majority of elementary, middle, and high school students, and a future where young mathematicians eagerly gather to solve theoretical and practical problems in society. The CSSMA aims to achieve its goal by providing creative and innovative mathematical opportunities such as competitions, guest speakers, publications, and school events to young mathematicians in Canada. The CSSMA will also vigilantly reach out to and form partnerships with other Canadian mathematical organizations, universities, elementary, high school, and college math educators, and those who use mathematics in businesses. Particularly, the CSSMA aims to form a solid partnership with the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), and with the CMS, collaboratively work on projects, as well as enhance, build and spread the influence of mathematics around Canada.


The goal of the Canadian Secondary School Mathematics Association is to unify the development of mathematics education in Canada across all pre-collegiate levels, and also to enhance the learning, discovery, and applications of mathematics in the classroom and beyond.


The CSSMA has a number of educational programs. All of these programs are designed to change the mathematical landscape in Canada, so that students enter the work force with a stronger mathematical background, more sophisticated problem solving skills, and a greater tendency to think creatively and exploratory to solve whatever problems that may face them, whether mathematical or not.

The CSSMA's programs are split into three categories: Curricular, Enrichment, and Competitions. The Free Individual Accounts System belongs under both Curricular and Enrichment programs due to its vast usefulness to educators, students, and members of the general public.

The Curricular programs are intended to change the math education system in Canada. Through highlighting the effectiveness of inquiry-based learning, and giving students the joy of discovering something for themselves, we intend to make math fun and understandable. Our curricular programs will comprise of interactive and creative resources to help bring math out of the paper and into the students' mind and body, making math fun and easy to understand. Through appropriate uses of technology, we hope to maximize the effectiveness of our resources to engage the new generations of tech-savvy students.

The Enrichment programs are intended to help talented students bridge the gap between the standard school curriculum and rigorous mathematical thinking required for competitions and university, as well as encourage more students to embark on a STEM related field. Through our Enrichment programs, we also aim to let young, aspiring minds realize their potential and gift in mathematics and the sciences, so that we can propel them forward to chase their dreams. Ultimately, our Enrichment programs will help meet the ever increasing demand for STEM related careers in the 21st century.

The Competitions programs will help provide the pinnacle of students' mathematical experiences, by giving them challenging problems presented in an interesting manner. Through the multiple different types of competitions that we offer (hands-on, fast-paced, bee-style, puzzle hunt, proof style, online challenges, games...etc.), we aim to develop all types of thinking processes in students. By making our competitions interesting and fun, we believe that all students will find something valuable to gain out of our competitions. We want to build a society in which mathematics is valued by society, rather than feared. We hope that eventually, we'll be able to reach out to most students in Canada with our competitions programs.

In the 2016/2017 school year, the CSSMA wishes to run the following programs:

Curricular programs

Enrichment programs

Competitions programs