Are the CSSMA programs free?

The CSSMA makes every effort to make its programs free. The CSSMA believes that no student should be prevented from receiving a valuable educational opportunity due to financial reasons. Generally, most of CSSMA expenses comes from competitions (prizes, food, room & board, transportation, venue, and other equipment), so in order for CSSMA to not charge anything for its competitions, CSSMA depends on the support of a number of generous sponsors. However, the CSSMA does reserve the right to charge for its programs if the CSSMA does not have the funding to fund everyone involved in them.

Do you have a nondiscrimination policy?

The CSSMA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational programs, admissions/employment practices, financial aid, or any other programs. The CSSMA strives to reach a diverse community that welcomes students and teachers from all backgrounds; the CSSMA feel that this diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

My child is home-schooled. Is he/she still eligible to write the competitions?

Parents of home-schooled children should contact the CSSMA staff by email via

Can a registration for a competition be changed after it has been submitted?

The teacher, parent, or student wishing to make this change should contact the competition coordinator responsible for the specific competition prior to the registration deadline. However, this is not a guarantee that such a change will be permitted, even if submitted before the registration deadline. Please wait for an email for the competition coordinator confirming or rejecting your change.

Can I make photocopies?

All resources (such as our contest papers and solution manuals) may be photocopied freely for non-profit educational use. However, some supplementary resources do have extra copyright bearing on them, and these may not be photocopied freely. Do note, however, that competitions can be photocopied freely for non-profit educational use only after the administration period of the competition is over. There are exceptions to the rules detailed above, and such exceptions will be dealt on a case by case basis.

I am a student. Can I register for your competitions as an individual?

For competitions which involve teacher registration and/or teacher coordination, students must register with his/her school or find a local school that will proctor him/her and cannot register on his/her own. However, for competitions which does not necessarily require sponsor teacher supervision (e.g. Team Challenges Program), students may register for our competitions as an individual, or with a group of other students.

When will competitions results be available?

The CSSMA try to have student competitions results available between one or two days up to six weeks after the competition date, depending on the nature and size of the competition. Results are posted on our website under each respective competition, and major results will be posted on the home page of our website. For most competitions, the CSSMA will post a notification on our home page when the results are available, as well as the cut-off marks for various awards and view the averages for such competitions.

When will competitions results booklet and solutions be available?

Refer to the above question for the answer to this question.

What resources are available to prepare me for the competitions?

The CSSMA generally offer all the past problems to our competitions free of charge on our website. You may download these problems free of charge and make photocopies for non-profit educational use. Additionally, the CSSMA providesĀ online trainers for our competitions free of chargeĀ on our website. They can all be easily accessed from the home page.

What's CSSMA's policy on competitions problem security?

Although the CSSMA sponsored competitions generally have different formats, the problems appearing on CSSMA competitions should not be discussed in any form online or through phone, cable, fax, or any other long distance transmission service until they have been released online by CSSMA staff. An exception to this rule is when the problems have been explicitly broadcasted to the general public, such as at the Math Stars National Championships.

Why should I participate in your competitions?

The CSSMA sponsored competitions will help provide the pinnacle of students' mathematical experiences, by giving them challenging problems presented in an interesting manner. Through the multiple different types of competitions that we offer (hands-on, fast-paced, bee-style, puzzle hunt, proof style, online challenges, games...etc.), we aim to develop all types of thinking processes in students. By making our competitions interesting and fun, and free whenever possible, we believe that all students will find something valuable to gain out of our competitions. Each competition has its own unique set of goals, which you can read about by access them under the Competitions tab from this website's main menu. Generally, however, we believe that our competitions will make math interesting, creative, and maybe even fun to the students. You do not have to be the top in your class or even one of the top students in your class. The reason we make our competitions so accessible and free whenever possible is so that we can spread them to everyone---for we seek to spread the love of mathematics, and we believe that everyone has the ability to love mathematics for its beauty.