What is the CSSMA?

The CSSMA is the first student-led Canada-wide non-profit mathematical organization. Founded in 2014, the CSSMA is dedicated to improving mathematics education for all elementary, middle, and high school students. The students who lead it all share a common passion for mathematics, as well as a common desire to improve math education for K-12 students across Canada. We turn our beliefs into actions by primarily organizing fun and exciting mathematical competitions for young mathematicians in Canada. Through developing creative and innovative activities at all of our competitions, we hope to immerse students in a lively atmosphere and as a result, ignite their passion for math. We believe that mathematics has the potential to become a subject enjoyed by most, if not all.

What is the mission of the CSSMA?

The Canadian Secondary School Mathematics Association aims to further the development of mathematics education in Canada across all pre-collegiate levels and also to enhance the learning, discovery, and applications of mathematics in the classroom and beyond.

What does the CSSMA stand for?

The CSSMA stands for Canadian Secondary School Mathematics Association. Secondary School in our context means all pre-collegiate level students. Association means we are an ordered group of students working towards a common goal. We are a nation-wide math-focused organization---hence, "Canadian" and "Mathematics."


Who is the head of the CSSMA?

The CSSMA is led by the CEO & Chairman of the Board, who is voted in by the other members of the CSSMA Board of Directors after completing a one year leadership training period (this is after being nominated by the previous CEO & Chairman of the Board). The CEO & Chairman of the Board may hold on to his or her position for up to a maximum of 2 terms of 4 years each. The current CEO & Chairman of the Board is Waley Zhang.

How is the CSSMA organized?

The CSSMA is currently headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The CSSMA Headquarters provides direction and support to its other offices in other cities and towns in Canada. Currently there are CSSMA offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

How many staff members does the CSSMA employ?

The CSSMA employs staff for volunteer service (that is, none of its staff receives formal wages). Currently there are more than 130 official CSSMA staff members coming from both Canada and abroad. However, the CSSMA also has a large volunteer force, comprised of classmates, parents, and friends of those who are official CSSMA staff.

How is the CSSMA different from the Canadian Math Society (CMS) or the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computer (CEMC)?

The CSSMA differs from the CMS in that the CSSMA has a large scale educational goal. The CSSMA is not directly involved with mathematical research or careers in mathematics. However, the CSSMA is heavily involved in mathematical education and enrichment, particularly for students less than or equal to the age of 20. The CSSMA differs from the CEMC in that the CSSMA is not directly affiliated with any one particular university, and that the CSSMA does not directly offer workshops and other training for adult math teachers and lecturers. The CSSMA aims to improve math education through offering competitive opportunities for all students across Canada.

What are the roles of professionals in CSSMA?

Professionals (ie. adults formally employed elsewhere) generally help out around with the CSSMA, such as helping to make sure that plans for educational programs and events are executed smoothly. Professionals also help the CSSMA conduct some legal business such as signing official documents, as well as providing valuable advice on how to run programs. The CSSMA also employs the help of professionals to help spread the word of its programs in the teachers' community. However, the majority of the work, including the design of all of the CSSMA programs and the general run-down of all of its events, are done by students. Students are also the ones meeting with bureaucrats and administrators for official ventures.

How does the CSSMA reach out to its audience?

The CSSMA reaches out to the student population mainly through social media, emails, and through teacher-to-student communication. The CSSMA reaches out to teachers through emails, as well as through face-to-face meetings between CSSMA staff members and teachers. The CSSMA reaches out to parents and all other members of the community through public postings, this website (www.cssma.ca), as well as students and teachers themselves.

Who monitors or oversees the CSSMA?

The decisions of the CSSMA are regularly reviewed and scrutinized by sponsor teachers, professionals, and adult supervisors, who supervise all of our programs and events and ensure that all processes and procedures are completed smoothly. Our sponsor teachers are responsible for making sure that the CSSMA is accomplishing the educational goals it states to aim to accomplish, as well as making sure that the budget of the CSSMA is completely divided up towards the pursuit of its goals.

What type of organization is the CSSMA?

The CSSMA is a federally registered Not-For-Profit organization. Its officially registered corporation number is 930781-8.