Since the CSSMA is an initiative for the future, we recognize the need to be sustainable in our communities. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that all our operations help to promote awareness of environmental issues, support sustainability and green technology around Canada and the world. The following are some of the ways through which we intend to accomplish this goal:

  • We intend to include at least two problems which theme around environmental issues and sustainability in every one of our competitions. These problems may involve mathematics in modern environmental conditions, recycling, and energy production. We will also make an effort to include entire activities or projects that theme around environmental issues and sustainability in some of our competitions.
  • We will purchase food that generate small amounts of packaging waste.
  • We will avoid using electronics that consume high amounts of energy, and we will conserve energy whenever possible.
  • We intend to go electronic with our materials whenever possible in order to save paper.
  • Whenever it is a greener choice to use the web as a platform to run a particular competition, we will run parts, if not all, of the competition online.

Through our programs, we aim to teach young people the importance of environmental sustainability. We also aim to inspire young mathematicians and scientists to talk about climate change, and help develop green technology in their future. Our goal is to eventually encourage being Green and Eco-efficient across all aspects of mathematical education, so that our organization will show environmental leadership in both mathematics education and environmental education. At CSSMA, our staff are also committed to reducing their carbon footprint whenever possible. We highly encourage our staff to get involved in green activities in our communities. Ultimately, we aim to engage young people in environmental issues, so that we can all live in a cleaner, greener world.