Game 1: Troll Relays
Official Contest Paper
Troll Relays Answer Key
You will be given 30 problems to solve. You must request how many points you want in exchange for the correct answer. Don’t get too greedy: Volunteers will be keeping track of how many times each point value has been requested. If your chosen value has been requested more than once, you will be required to complete a task to receive points for that question. Failure to complete the task will earn you the minimum 10 points for your correct answer. Each team is allowed two submissions per question. Available points to request for each difficulty level:
Easy: 10-20
Medium: 10-30
Hard: 10-35
You can submit answers to new questions before completing a previous task, but it is up to you to remember which tasks have been completed.

Game 2: Fortune Cookie
Official Contest Paper
Fortune Cookie Answer Key
Objective: find your lucky numbers. You will be given a sequence of numbers; some are lucky and some are not. Hints will be given to determine your luck numbers but will require some solving. For example:
Hint: There are this many lucky numbers divisible by 3.
Question: What is 1 + 2 + 3?
Answer: 6
This will tell you that there are six lucky numbers divisible by 3.
Each question is worth 25 points. Each correct lucky number is worth 20 points.