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Western CircleEastern CircleSouthern Circle

The Western Circle encompasses Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver schools. The Eastern Circle encompasses Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, (Port) Coquitlam, and Port Moody schools. The Southern Circle encompasses Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and Langley schools. Each Circle is responsible for hosting events for only the schools which it encompasses.

Staff Position Information

Which staff position are you applying for? (Note: VMO staff members may still participate in VMO competitions as long as they are not part of the Mathematics Department for the competition(s) they wish to participate in.)
Organizational Department: Western/Eastern/Southern Circle Competitions ManagerOrganizational Department: VMO Lead Competitions OrganizerOrganizational Department: VMO Competitions OrganizerMathematics Department: VMO Problems WriterMathematics Department: VMO Problems Test Solver and Solutions WriterDesign Department: VMO Artistic/Graphics DesignerDesign Department: VMO Computer/Applications ProgrammerDesign Department: VMO Games DesignerOutreach Department: VMO Advertising Officer and School AmbassadorOutreach Department: Permanent VMO Volunteer

Please read the following document before making your selection on which staff position you wish to apply for. The following document describes each staff position's major roles.

VMO Staff Positions Descriptions

How many hours per week can you devote to planning events for the VMO?

Why did you decide to apply to become a VMO Staff member? What skills can you contribute to this organization?

Have you ever been a staff member of any student-run organization? If yes, describe your role.

For the circle(s) that you've indicated you are able to staff for, which of the following competitions within those circles are you interested in organizing or helping out? Note: each circle should host 5 competitions throughout the school year, at various locations within the region defined by the circle.
October 2015December 2015February 2016April 20162016 VMO Finale Competition

On a scale from 1-10 (inclusive), how interested are you in joining the VMO Executive Team or the VMO Board of Directors in the future?

Past Experiences

What were your past leadership experiences? Please describe how you contributed to the team.

Do you have any past mathematical experiences such as participating in math competitions or math programs? If yes, please describe these activities.

Other Information

Have you participated in any previous VMO competitions? If so, please describe your experience. What organizational problems did you notice? If you were accepted as a staff member, how you would prevent such problems from surfacing in future VMO competitions?

Has anyone affiliated with the VMO recommended you for this position? If yes, indicate the name of the VMO Staff member below

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