Competition Pamphlet

General Information

  • Circles Involved: ALL Circles—Western, Eastern, Southern
  • Competition Date: Friday, April 1st, 2016
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, Thursday 31st, 2016 @ 11:59pm
  • Competition Time: 4:15pm-8:15pm
  • Venue: Pacific Academy High School (10238 168 St, Surrey)
  • Head Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Woelders
  • Cost: FREE (free snacks will be served)
  • Number of Teams Allowed per School: 3 Juniors + 3 Seniors
  • Theme of Competition: April Fools & Back to School
  • Mathematics Involved: Geometry, Logic, Number Theory, Basic Math, Algebra, and Math
  • Grade Divisions: Juniors (Grade 10 and Below) and seniors (Grade 11-12) will participate in the same games but separate prizes will be awarded to the top juniors and seniors teams.


Competition Schedule



Arrival By 4:15pm
Briefing 4:30-4:40pm
Rotation One 4:45-5:35pm
Rotation Two 5:40-6:30pm
Break and Snacks 6:35-6:50pm
Rotation Three 6:55-7:45pm
Award Ceremony 8:00-8:10pm
Dismissal 8:15pm


Games Descriptions

Game #1: Jeopardy:

In this activity, teams will face against each other in an intense and fast-paced game of Jeopardy! All of the teams will be tested on various topics in math, such as geometry, algebra and “basic math.” For every section, there will be five questions, ranging from easiest to hardest, with the easier questions having less point values while the harder questions have higher point values. When a question appears on the big screen, the first team to buzz in will be able to answer the question. If they answer correctly, they get a certain value of points for their team. If that team answers incorrectly, however, they will lose that certain value of points from their score. Beware, team scores can become negative!

Game #2: Pickles Station:

Each team will attempt to finish a package of 15 carefully designed fun questions during 50 minutes. The amount of points each question is worth will be indicated and scaled with the difficulty of the question.

Game #3: Kevin's Station:

Part A: Marvelous Mineral Madness:
This unique, challenging, and demanding game involves one player from each team. This player will then utilize their existing knowledge of mathematics to the best of their ability in an intense 3-way head to head showdown. Using a never-before-seen scoring system, staff members will determine the most skillful competitor of each round. The players deemed most worthy will then face off in a finals round filled with tension and excitement.

Part B: Shocking Shots:
In this station, players will use their reasoning and logic skills to deduce the location of a specified drink. After locating this drink, contestants are given the choice to drink it or not, a choice that may result in a refreshing blast of coke or a sour storm of vinegar.


Mr. Woelders will sign any CAS logs and volunteer logs, among other official reference materials.

Other Information

Food and Refreshments: Drinks, chips, and other snacks will be provided free of charge by the VMO staff.

Prizes and awards:

  • Steam Cards
  • Candy Bags
  • Puzzle Games
  • Taiwan Fun Stuff
  • Various Fun Prizes
  • Tim Horton Cards
  • Starbucks Cards