Competition Pamphlet

General Information

  • Registration link
  • Circles involved: Eastern & Southern
  • Competition Date: Friday, December 11th, 2015
  • Registration Deadline: Friday, December 4th, 2015 @ 11:59pm
  • Competition Time: 4:15pm-6:45pm
  • Venue: Burnaby South Secondary School Multipurpose Room (5455 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC)
  • Head Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Maher Marzouk
  • Cost: FREE (free snacks will be served)
  • Number of teams allowed per school: 3 Juniors + 3 Seniors
  • Theme of competition: Christmas Time at the VMO
  • Mathematics Involved: Geometry & Logic
  • Grade Divisions: Juniors (Gr. 10 and below) and Seniors (Gr. 11-12) will participate in the same games but separate prizes will be awarded to the top Juniors and Seniors teams.

Competition Schedule



Arrival By 4:15pm
Briefing (with Santa!) 4:15-4:20pm
Game #1: Present Geometry 4:20-5:20pm
Break & Snacks 5:20-5:35pm
Game #2: The Logic of Christmas 5:35-6:35pm
Awards Ceremony 6:35-6:45pm
Dismissal 6:45pm

Games Descriptions

Game #1: Present Geometry: This is a game involving the use of geometry hence the title. This game will consist of smaller mini-games exploring the use of geometry. Each team member will “help” Santa Clause wrap presents using the most efficient possible methods. There will be 6 stations each with 2 of the same game. Each station will be managed by 2 staff members, and each station has a different geometry related mini-game. These games should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete, as every team should have a chance to try each of these games.

Game #2: The Logic of Christmas:

“Every year the Grinch tries to steal Christmas and every year, with your help, he fails. Don’t let this year be the one where he succeeds!”

This is a game consisting of logic puzzles based on the theme of “Christmas”. There will be 3 logic puzzles, based on what the Grinch messed up:

  1. The Grinch has mixed up all the labels on the presents! However, Santa Claus has a series of clues which tells him who each present belongs to. Sort out this mess with him!
  2. The Grinch has destroyed Santa Claus’s navigation plans! Make new navigation plans for Santa Claus; he must reach every house, and try to be as efficient as possible.
  3. Find the Grinch! One of the VMO staff members is the Grinch. Each VMO staff member will reveal one clue about the Grinch; determine who the Grinch is based off the clues. The Grinch, however, will always lie. Note: You may only have one attempt at guessing in this challenge.

How to Earn Bonus Points:

Bonus Points will be given if a team manages to cheer up Santa Claus with a math-related joke!


Mr. Maher Marzouk will sign any CAS logs, volunteer logs, among other official reference materials.

Other Information

Food and Refreshments: drinks, cookies, brownies, chips, and other snacks will be provided free of charge by the VMO staff.

Prizes and awards:

  • 5 amateur math books
  • 10 Google Play cards
  • 5 weird Rubik's cubes
  • 2 trophies (1 Junior, 1 Senior); 6 certificates (3 seniors, 3 juniors)

Floor Plan: