Competition Pamphlet

General Information

  • Circles involved: ALL Circles—Western, Eastern, Southern
  • Competition Date: Friday, October 16th, 2015
  • Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 @ 11:59pm
  • Competition Time: 4:15pm-7:00pm
  • Venue: New Westminster Secondary School Library (835 8th Street, New Westminster)
  • Head Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Bobby Woo
  • Cost: FREE (free snacks will be served)
  • Number of teams allowed per school: 3 Juniors + 3 Seniors
  • Theme of competition: When Mathematicians Go to Vegas
  • Mathematics Involved: Probability & Game Theory
  • Grade Divisions: Juniors (Gr. 10 and below) and Seniors (Gr. 11-12) will participate in the same games but separate prizes will be awarded to the top Juniors and Seniors teams.

Competition Schedule



Arrival By 4:15pm
Briefing 4:15-4:30pm
Game #1: Beginner’s Luck 4:30-5:30pm
Break & Snacks 5:30-5:45pm
Game #2: A Game Plan 5:45-6:45pm
Awards Ceremony 6:45-7:00pm
Dismissal 7:00pm

Games Descriptions

Game #1: Beginner’s Luck: This is a game involving quick calculations of expected winnings and some luck. Prior to the competition, a set of 12 games will be designed by the VMO staff. Each game will involve some combination of the following: dice, decks of cards, poker chips, spinners, coins, bags of marbles, bags of colored blocks, chess sets, connect 4 sets, and buckets and balls. The participants will need to either beat the staff member at connect 4 or chess, or win at playing the casino games. This activity is designed so that teams will benefit greatly from solving for the theoretical probabilities of winning and then using that to maximize one's profits. Bluffing may be a factor in some of the games! The only currency in place in this game is points. Note that no monetary gambling or stake-holding will take place. Teams do not lose points for losing to the staff at these games—it just means that whoever is playing the game must line up at the back of the line again if he/she wants to play again, or go to a different classroom to play another game.

Game #2: A Game Plan: This game consists of 10 mini-games, which may include board games with mathematical solutions and strongly solved combinatorial games. For each of these games, staff members will be taught how to play the game. During the competition, participants will need to try to beat staff members at the games in order to score points. Since the staff members will not know how to deal with every board position, they are bound to make a mistake somewhere. Hence, participants will need to try to formulate a strategy for every game, and try to rob the staff member of the winning positions. Losing a game against a staff member will not result in a loss of points for the team—it just means that whoever is playing the game must line up at the back of the line again if he/she wants to play again, or go to a different classroom to play another game. There are also two other surprise components to this second game, which will be revealed on the day of the competition.


Mr. Bobby Woo will sign any CAS logs, volunteer logs, among other official reference materials.

Other Information

Food and Refreshments: drinks, cookies, brownies, chips, and other snacks will be provided free of charge by the VMO staff.

Prizes and awards:

  • 10 LOL or Google Play gift cards
  • 10 Rubik’s cubes
  • 10 USBs (8GB)
  • 2 trophies (1 Junior, 1 Senior); 6 certificates (3 seniors, 3 juniors)

Floor Plan: