The competition portion is divided into two parts: Problem solving and Presentation.

Problem Solving

The problem solving part of the competition is 4 hours long, and is from 8:30am to 12:30pm. All problems may be worked on by all members of the team, but sharing between different teams is not allowed. The questions consists of 2 major parts, each containing 4 smaller problems. Both parts are generally equal in difficulty, and are weighed 50-50. Each part has its unique theme, but the mathematics involved in each problem range across different topics. Only pre-calculus knowledge is required to solve the problems. Problems a through c in each question increase in difficultly, and are sometimes extensions of the previous problem. Problems a and b have exact answers, problem c is more proof based, and problem d is an open question, with lots of room for creativity in the answer. The weighing of each problem varies from year to year, but generally c is worth the most and a is worth the least. The use of scientific or graphing calculators are allowed, as well as the use of a computer without internet-access for presentation or solution writing purposes only. Full-solutions to all problems are required to get full marks, and teams must submit a written report, either hand-written or typed, by 12:30pm. However, they may continue to work on their presentations until it is actually time to present. The written report is worth 80% of a team's final mark.


Presentations begin in the afternoon at 1:45pm, and each team will present 2 times to 2 different judges. Each presentation consists of 15 minutes of teams presenting their solutions, and 5 minutes of Q and A from the judges afterwards. Presentations may be done using whiteboards, overheads, or computers, though computers without internet access for presentation and solution writing purposes only. The presentation will be judged on basic presentation skills as well as familiarity and organization of content. It is encouraged that all members of the team contribute to the presentation, though it is not mandatory. The presentation is worth 20% of a team's final mark.