In 2015, the Math Stars Competition Series was founded as an elementary/middle school competition for Canadian students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Contrary to many Canadian math competitions which can be described as individual, paper-and-pencil math competitions written in schools, the Math Stars Competition Series is the only nation-wide competition program of its kind in Canada, with live, in-person, team events across several provinces in Canada. The Math Stars Competition Series seeks to excite students about mathematics through organizing highly interactive events which emphasize the importance of teamwork. Mathematically, The Math Stars Competition Series aims to develop students' problem solving skills in order to prepare students for more rigorous mathematics in the years to follow.

It is at the middle-school level that most students begin to discover their academic passions. In an increasingly globalized society, it is paramount for students to enter the workforce with a solid background in mathematics. To acquire such skill in mathematics, students need to learn to appreciate mathematics and enjoy it as a subject. The Math Stars Competition Series therefore starts at the middle-school level in order to help students develop this mindset. The Math Stars Competition Series is an initiative for all students, whether or not they are already interested in mathematics. Our competitions are designed specifically to arouse students' curiosity, interest, and excitement about solving mathematical problems. The Math Stars Competition Series is also ideal for talented math students who need to be challenged.

To find out whether you, your students, or your child(ren) are eligible for this competition, please visit this link for more information. Our upcoming events can be found here.

Basic Structure

Each Math Stars Competition Series competition consists of 4 rounds in which competitors will compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. Winners are able to advance from the Regional to the National level, at which the Canadian Champions are declared. The Math Stars Competition Series consists of the following rounds:

  1. Power Round: 30 short-answer problems answered individually in 45 minutes
  2. Team Relays Round: five sets of short-answer problems (each consisting of 5 problems) done in teams in a total of 45 minutes
  3. Grit Round: 4 guided, full-solution problems done in teams in 45 minutes
  4. Project Mania Round A creative mathematical project or game, done in teams in 1-2 hours, depending on the event. This round can be considered a "mystery round" because participants do not know the theme or the structure of this round ahead of time

More information about the structure of Math Stars competitions can be found here. For details on what mathematical topics the Math Stars competitions cover and do not cover, please visit this site!


Informational Pamphlet

We invite all coaches, parents, and potential competitors to print out the above pamphlet for non-commercial use to help us spread the word about this competition program! Good locations to distribute this pamphlet include:

  • Local elementary/middle schools
  • Local math circles or societies
  • Online, on social media networks

Thank you!


  • To provide Canadian students with a unique and fun math competition designed to promote exploratory and creative thinking, as well as develop problem solving skills.
  • To nurture the participants’ interests in mathematics starting from a young age and expose students to the joy and beauty of mathematics in a highly enjoyable and interactive manner.
  • To provide unforgettable learning experiences in mathematics to foster students' growth and expand their academic and professional opportunities.
  • To present interesting mathematical questions that are aligned with curriculum standards at all levels of difficulty, and it is hoped that these questions will facilitate mathematical reflection after every competition.