The Math Stars Competition Series is open to grade 6, 7, and 8 students in all locations across Canada*. To be considered official participants and to qualify for awards, prizes, as well as advancement to further stages of the competition, all participants must meet the following requirements:

Official participants:

  1. The participant must be enrolled full-time in grade 8 or lower since the September immediately prior to the competition.
  2. The student must not have turned 14 on or prior to December 31st of the school year during which he/she is participating in Math Stars competitions. (For the 2017-2018 school year this is date is December 31st, 2017.)
  3. The participant must be attending school full-time (elementary, middle, secondary, virtual, or home-schooled) since or before Sept 15, 2017. This does not include tutoring or enrichment centers.

Note that the word "participant" refers to a person competing in ranked competitions hosted by CSSMA where prizes and advancements are possible. There's no limit to how many times a student may participate in the Math Stars Competition Series provided that the three conditions for eligibility above are satisfied every time that he/she participates in the Math Stars Competition Series. Furthermore, students may be coached within a school for an unlimited number of years.



There is no formal limit on the number of students schools may send to the regional competitions, but based on the venue size and overall participation, schools may be asked to limit the number of teams registered. Generally, each school should send no more than 3 teams of 4 members each for a total of 12 competitors. In the event that a school is unable to form a full team, we will do our best to combine incomplete teams from different schools to form full teams. Unless a competitor is extraordinarily strong at math, we do not encourage him/her to participate in the Math Stars Competition Series because this competition is designed specifically as a team competition---the individual competitor may only do well on the Power round of the competition.



Regional to National: Following describes the general guidelines for advancements from the Regional competition to the National championship. The specific number of teams qualifying may vary from year to year due to participation size and other relevant factors.

  • For every 3 participating teams, 1 team should advance. If the number of participating teams isn't a multiple of 3, the number of advancing teams should be rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • Every province or territory of Canada is allowed to send at least one team to the Nationals Championship. Every province or territory is also allowed to send some extra teams, the quantity of which is roughly proportional to the population of that province or territory. Currently, Math Stars run in four provinces in Canada. The following list gives the MAXIMUM number of teams that each of these provinces is permitted to send to the 2018 National Championship, based on 2014 demographics:
    • Ontario: 30
    • Alberta: 15
    • British Columbia: 15
    • Manitoba: 9
  • In the event that an advancing team does not have 4 members (to constitute a full team), top individual scorers (based on their Power Round score) may also advance to fill up the incomplete team. The advancing team has the right to decide whether or not they want to add such an individual competitor to their team---if they rather compete as an incomplete team at the National Championship, that is fully within the rules of the competition.

The policies above are set in order to encourage a better representation of the general population's talents. These policies are subject to change without notice---however, we will try our best to keep these policies relatively consistent throughout any given school year and if they do change, we will attempt to notify all affected participants as soon as possible after the change.

*Students in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario may participate in the Regional competition closest to their location. Students in other provinces can participate as "Swing" teams if they so desire. "Swing" teams can advance to the National Championship but cannot win awards at Regional competitions. If you have any questions pertaining to these rules of eligibility, please contact the Math Stars National Coordinator at