“I teach at an inner city elementary school and without competitions like these, many of my kids wouldn't have these kinds of experiences. Overall, my team of four Grade 6/7 boys had a lot of fun: my kids LOVED the Power Mania round. The rounds were exciting and challenging for my students that needed that extra push. It was so much fun seeing kids and teens from all across the district competing. I witnessed from my own students and many others SUCH a great level of enthusiasm! They were excited about the questions, taking the competition seriously and still having fun.

I saw a tremendous growth in confidence in one of my Grade 7 boys over the course of 4 hours. He is gifted and often misunderstood by the peers in our classroom. I could see that going to this competition with three of his classmates, their opinions really changed of him to a much more positive one. They bonded during the competition and would not stop talking the entire way home about all the questions, puzzles and games. Thanks again to everyone involved in organizing. I would love to sign my students up again for this next year!

Sally Song
Teacher in Surrey, BC


“It was fun. Absolutely. Especially the Project Mania rounds. At the National Championship, our team had to solve a lot of questions under a very restrictive time limit, which really gave us an adrenaline rush. My teammates and I were all very into the game and got more and more excited as we solved the questions--the teams around us seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. The design of the game was very cool--I’ve never seen a math competition as well-designed as the Math Stars Competition Series before.”

William Zhang
Past competitor (Glenbrook Middle School)


“The MSCS is a great and unique idea. I could tell that the volunteers put a huge amount of work into it. The problems were very educational: my students learned a lot through them--in fact, we discussed the problems and solutions in class afterwards as a classroom activity! My kids loved the challenge that the problems presented and would not stop talking about them afterwards! I believe all students will have something to gain out of MSCS.

Overall, the events were well-organized. It was impressive to see such complicated events being successfully organized by a group of teenagers. I was impressed with how the organizers were able to quickly adapt to the challenges that the venues, participants, and the environments posed to them. Kudos to them for organizing such great events!”

Paul Allinger & Eugenia Wong
Gifted program teachers in Vancouver, BC


“I liked the competition. Everyone liked solving the problems. The problems were difficult but my team still liked tackling them. The snacks were great and the organizers were friendly. My team would definitely participate again next year!”

Brad Hobson
Past competitor (William Watson Elementary)