The Math Challengers competition is a team competition for grade 8-9 students in BC. Organized by the Canadian Math Challengers Society as a disjoint venture from the CSSMA's programs, every Math Challengers event consists of two individual rounds, a team round, and a fast-paced oral face-off round. Each year, there are a number of Regional competitions and one Provincial competition as well. Schools usually pre-select their teams for the Math Stars Regional competitions, which in turn qualifies teams and individuals to the Provincial finals. For more information, please visit this link.

Starting in 2014, CSSMA has run a Mock Math Challengers competition every year prior to the regional Math Challengers competitions. These competitions are run with the full support of the Canadian Math Challengers Society, and serves as a bilateral educational initiative taken on behalf of both the CSSMA and the Canadian Math Challengers Society. Since the Math Challengers regional competitions are usually in mid-February, CSSMA usually chooses to run the Mock Math Challengers competition near the end of January each year. The Mock Math Challengers is designed to simulate the real Math Challengers competition as closely as possible, and thus includes the following rounds:

  1. Blitz Round: a 40 minute, 26 question short-answer contest written individually.
  2. Bull's-eye Round: a 36 minute, 12 question short-answer contest divided into three 12-minute/4-question chunks according to subject. This round is written individually.
  3. Co-op Round: a 36 minute, 15 question short-answer contest written in teams.
  4. Face-off Round: a fast-paced, oral, face-to-face round between the top 10 individual scorers on the Blitz and Bull's-eye rounds.

During the mock competition, there will be a snack break after the Co-op round to simulate the lunch break during the real Math Challengers competition. All of the contest administration instructions and rules are taken directly from the Math Challengers competitions themselves. Furthermore, we try to stick to as many of the eligibility and registration rules that the Canadian Math Challengers Society sets out as possible, but given that our events are run on different days of the week than the actual Math Challengers competitions, there may be slightly differences with regards to those rules. For the eligibility/registration rules for the Mock Math Challengers competitions, please visit this link.

Upcoming Mock Math Challengers competitions can be found here. Results to past competitions can be found here. For details on what mathematical topics the Mock Math Challengers competitions cover and do not cover, please visit this site!


  • To provide an opportunity for students to practice and prepare for the real Math Challengers competitions in a timed and highly-regulated environment.
  • To increase the participants’ interests in mathematics and develop their problem solving skills.
  • To expose students of the different areas of mathematics in an enjoyable way.
  • To present interesting mathematical questions that are aligned with the mathematical content of the Math Challengers competitions so that coaches and students can diagnose their (teams') weaknesses and work to overcome them.
  • To provide relevant contest preparation materials to all current and future Math Challengers competitors.


For more information about the rules, regulations, and competition format of the Mock Math Challengers competition, please visit this link. The mock Math Challengers competitions are organized in entirety by CSSMA staff members. If you still have more questions about this competition after reading the available information on this website, please contact Grace Zhang, Competitions Director, at gracemyzhang@gmail.com.