To be considered official participants and to qualify for prizes, all participants must meet the following requirements:

Official participants

  1. The participant must be enrolled full-time in grade 9 or lower since the September immediately prior to the competition.
  2. The student must not have turned 15 on or prior to December 31st of the school year during which he/she is participating in Mock Math Challengers competitions. (For the 2016-2017 school year this is date is December 31st, 2016.)
  3. The participant must be attending school full-time (elementary, middle, secondary, virtual, or home-schooled) since or before Sept 15, 2016. This does not include tutoring or enrichment centers.
  4. No participant may take part in both the grade 8 and grade 9 divisions.

Official Teams

  1. Each school can send a maximum of 6 teams of up to 5 members each, distributed between the grade 8 and grade 9 categories in however way they want.
  2. Each school can send any number of individual "Swing" competitors. However, the CSSMA staff reserves the right to cap individual participation due to spacing issues.
  3. The CSSMA staff reserves the right to disqualify or disallow a team member from participating in the Mock Math Challengers competition if he/she violated any of the above rules.