The Young Years Program competition is an in-class paper and pencil math competition for elementary and middle school students in British Columbia in grades 2 to 8. That is, any elementary or middle school student from grade 2 to grade 8 inclusive, in regular attendance of an elementary or middle school in BC, are permitted to compete in the competition, along with the rest of his or her classmates. (Students outside of BC are allowed to participate, but they will not be eligible to win prizes). The majority of the questions in the competition will be based on the BC Ministry of Education Mathematics Curriculum to help students apply the mathematical concepts that they learn in class. The Young Years Program competition is offered in both English and French (for French immersion students). The Young Years Program competition is administered two times throughout the school year and this competition is FREE for all students to participate.

When the Young Years Program was first founded, it was a sub-competition of the former Vancouver Math Olympiad, which currently remains as the umbrella competition for both the Young Years Program and the Team Challenges Program.

The Young Years Program was founded in 2015 by three high-school students: Daniel Li, Perry Ng, and Waley Zhang.  From 2015-2018, the competition has had over 4600 students from 75 schools across British Columbia that have participated in the competition.

All past contest papers can be found here: Past Contests.

For details on the format of the YYP competition, please visit this site!

For details on what mathematical topics the YYP competitions cover and do not cover, please visit this site!


  • To improve the math skills (in both conceptual understanding and ability to apply them) of all students involved by giving interesting problems aligned with curriculum difficulty to facilitate classroom activities and discussions afterwards.
  • To encourage young students to enjoy math as a subject, as well as to enjoy solving problems.
  • To facilitate an informal, fun, and interactive approach to teaching and assessing math knowledge from young students.
  • To indirectly educate young students about issues of global importance, such as sustainability, green technology, and financial literacy---in particular, we believe so much in our supporting our Green Initiatives that at least 15% of our problems will be relevant to conservation, sustainability, or environmental awareness.


Young Years Program in the Media

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