For the VMO Young Years Program, all problems are short answers problems. All answers are whole numbers, decimals, fractions, or percentages. Students are encouraged to print neatly so that the teacher can easily mark the paper after the papers have been collected.

Teachers are asked to do this competition as a classroom activity. First the teacher will need to explain the instructions to the students (an instructions sheet for the teacher will be provided, and a brief form of the instructions will be printed at the top of the competition paper). The instructions are relatively simple (basically: print your answer in the box, don’t use a calculator, and you have xxx minutes of time) to explain. Then, the students will begin the contest. Teachers should not clarify wording or provide any form of help to the students during the contest. After the time is up, the teacher should collect the contest from all of the students, and mark them at a later time.

Once a teacher has marked the contests, he or she will need to submit the students' scores through our online score reporting form (the password to access this form will be emailed to teachers after the contest has been administered). Every time that a teacher does this, he or she will need to submit the top 5 scores from the class, as well as some general statistics about the other contest takers. However, the teacher should keep the contest papers archived, easily accessible at a later time. After the final contest in April, the teacher will be asked to submit the top 25% of scorers (with these students’ names) from his or her class on our website, which will require the teacher summing up his or her students’ individual scores from both the March round and the April round.