The 2017-18 Young Years Program competition will consist of two rounds throughout the school year, at the following times:

  • Round #1 : 1st full week of March (March 5th - March 9th)
  • Round #2: 1st full week of April (April 2nd - April 6th)


The students' scores from the two rounds will be added up to determine each students' overall score for the competition. Teachers may choose any period of available class time during the weeks indicated above to administer the contests. Each round is split by grades. That is, every grade will receive different competition papers. The competition format is the same for both rounds, and will be as follows:

Grade 2: 8 problems in 25 minutes

Grades 3 and 4: 15 problems in 40 minutes

Grades 5: 20 problems in 50 minutes

Grades 6, 7, and 8: 25 problems in 60 minutes


Processing of Contest Materials

After teachers sign up for the competition, a set of documents containing the following will be emailed to the teacher the week before each contest administration period (one email before the March Round and one email before the April Round):

  • Originals for the contest papers (for only the one round to be administered in the following week) for all the classes which will be participating in the contest—--teachers will be asked to make the appropriate number of photocopies of the contest papers for his or her students
  • Answer keys for all the contest papers (one set of answer keys for each classroom teacher)
  • Easy to read full solutions to all of the competition problems. Some problems may even have more than one solution presented!