To sign up for the competition, teachers will simply need to sign up on the CSSMA website at Sign up is free for all teachers, and the competition is definitely free for all student participants!

Registration Deadlines (for 2016-2017 school year)

  • Registration Deadline: February 18th, 2017 at 11:59pm. All teachers who sign up by this deadline will receive both the March and April round contest papers. Teachers who sign up after the deadline can still participate, but they will only receive the April round contest papers. Scoring is accumulative, so it's highly encouraged for teachers to do both contests.


Processing of Contest Materials

When teachers sign up for the competition, a set of documents containing the following will be emailed to the teacher the week before each contest administration period (so two separate emails):

  • Originals for the contest papers (for only the one round to be administered in the following week) for all the classes which will be participating in the contest—--teachers will be asked to make the appropriate number of photocopies of the contest papers for his or her students
  • Answer keys for all the contest papers (one set of answer keys for each classroom teacher)
  • Easy to read full solutions to all of the competition problems. Some problems may even have more than one solution presented!