Project Sirius: An Interactive and Creative Curriculum For All

“Everyone needs to understand mathematics for themselves.” ---Jean Piaget & Lev Vygotsky

Goal: To create interactive and creative activities for middle and high school mathematics to complement the traditional curricular concepts.


  • To make the math learning experience in class engaging, so that students become more enthusiastic to learn math.
  • To improve students’ understanding of math concepts through experiential learning.
  • To allow deeper understanding of advanced concepts and why things work.



  • It's well-known that there is a stigma around math. Through highlighting the effectiveness of inquiry-based learning, and giving students the joy of discovering something for themselves, we intend to make math fun and understandable, and in turn, change the stigma surrounding the subject.
  • We are creating interactive and creative classroom activities which help to bring math out of the paper and into the students' minds and bodies, making math fun and easy to understand.
  • Our resources tailor to a wide range of mathematical abilities:


To those who are talented and intrigued in math, our curriculum is full of spices that challenge even the best to think outside of the box, often times connecting the dots between topics or revealing new insights about a familiar tool, process, or idea;

To those who are more inclined toward the arts and humanities, our curriculum stresses on how the ideas behind math can transform everyday life. Though not everyone will use the formulas and facts beyond college, skills such as creative and rigorous problem-solving, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and how to use the tools one knows to attack an unfamiliar problem are prevalent in every field and aspect of life.


What makes our resources more useful than others found elsewhere?

  • Our resources are created by students, for students---being students ourselves, we know what gets students interested in math and how students learn best.
  • Our resources all contain creative & innovative activities or projects, while following our inquiry-based philosophy. We synthesize a creative approach to teaching with the standard lecture style classroom to maximize learning.
  • Our resources have been reviewed by many experienced math educators.
  • Our resources are absolutely FREE. We believe that no student should be barred from useful educational resources due to financial reasons.
  • Our resources synthesize the math curriculum from many Western countries, which means that our resources have an international scope. On the other hand, our resources are also easily accessible and aligns closely with standards teachers are using, most notably the Common Core in USA.
  • Using our resources, students will be able learn concepts themselves. Students will gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts, and teachers will have an easier time teaching the course materials.
  • Our resources allow students to retain onto their knowledge for longer periods of time, and we provide the resources teachers need to meet societal demands, such as test preparation, and expectations from the school districts.